Media, Speaking Engagements, and Fellowships

Media Features

UN. Transforming internet governance to eliminate online inequalities
UN Women. Open, Safe and Equal – Shaping a Feminist Digital Future
UNICEF. Frontier partnerships with a collaborative purpose: epic wins for every girl, everywhere
Mozilla. Afro-Grids Unpacks Digital Colonialism Through AfroFuturism and African Folklore
CIPE, NDI. Centering Youth Voices Online to Build a Democratic Digital Future
Whose Voices - The Femininja Podcast. Digital Colonialism and Who Owns Our Undersea Cables.
Voice of Public Interest Technology.  The Intersection of Arts, Technology and Social Impact
Future Money F|M Podcast. Sikhula Sonke: Living Archives of Afrofuturist Village Banking
Open Internet for Democracy InitiativeNigeria’s Twitter Ban & the Political Violence on Citizens' Freedom of Speech
Internet Society. Because our future depends on it
Hivos. Improving girls’ safety through sexual and reproductive health rights
Giganet. Inequities of access in/at spaces of global Internet governance dialogue and exchange
Localization LabArusha Women School of Internet Governance
Atlantic Institute. Is digital inequality a justice issue?

and more.


Undersea Cables in Africa - new frontiers for digital colonialism. First Monday Journal.
Bow to Enter Heaven. Collection of short stories.
Bones of the Sea. Graphic novel.
Electrifying Women. From Fact to Fantasy. P37. Anthology by Leeds University.
Youth Resolutions in Internet Governance. Communique.
Young Women Leading Technology and Innovation. Recommendations.
Handbook on Gender Mainstreaming. UN Women Report.
Holistic Safety Analysis and Intervention. Blueprint.
LGBT Rights in the Digital Space. Report.
Safety Report on key issues affecting at-risk girls. Report.

Boards and Leadership Roles

Action Coalition for Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality. Youth Leader.

Digital Democracy Initiative. Advisory board member.

Feminist Accountability Framework. Steering committee member.

Zambia IGF National Advisory Committee. NAC member.

Fellowships and Awards

2023 Interledger Foundation Future|Money Arts and Culture Grant. Awardee. Sikhula Sonke - Living Archives of Afrofuturist Village Banking. An art exhibition that explores the question of how we define wealth by a study of village banking in Southern Africa.

2023 C/Change R&D Creative Lab. Awardee. Digital Rights Monopoly simulation game which gamifies digital literacy through community engagement. Project with Digital Grassroots.

2022 Mozilla Creative Media Awards. Awardee. Afro-Grids project interrogates relationship between digital infrastructure and digital colonialism through research and digital storytelling.

2021 - 2022 Young Women Leaders Initiative by UN Women and UN Volunteers. Leader. The YWL initiative engages a diverse cohort of young women from the Global South who are committed to gender equality and women’s empowerment and to the mission and work of the UN.

2020 - 2025 Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality. Co-Leader via Digital Grassroots. The Action Coalitions’ leaders bring deep commitment to and experience in advancing gender equality and women’s rights by 2025, through UN Women.

2020 - 2021 Open Internet for Democracy Leaders. Fellow. Global advocates passionate about protecting and promoting an open internet. The 2020-21 theme was “Strengthening Democratic Digital Governance: Raising Local Voices for Digital Rights”.

2019 - 2020 Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Fellow. Atlantic Fellows are thinkers and doers with innovative ideas and the courage, conviction and capacity to bring lasting and meaningful change to their communities and the world.

2019 Women Deliver conference. Speaker and Travel Scholarship awardee. Competitive award to girls working to advance gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women & sexual and reproductive health and rights.

2019 Engineers Without Borders Canada. Kumvana Fellow. The Kumvana program is designed to enable and support local innovations that lead to greater social and economic inclusion and sustainability.

2019 Internet Freedom Festival. Community Development Fellow. Curate the ‘Next Net’ space at the 5th Internet Freedom Festival to capture the collective vision on the future of Internet Freedom, and overarching issues.

2018 Mozilla Open Internet Leaders. Open Campaigning on the Internet Health Report. Mozilla offered movement building training and program-design mentorship to raise up multiple community-run Open Leaders programs with diverse audiences to serve as entry-points into the internet health movement.

2017 Internet Society Youth@IGF Fellowship Program. Fellow. The program empowered next generation Internet leaders by building regional and global capacity through training and mobilizing youth on Internet Governance and funding to the IGF.

Speaking Engagements

Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble. Chapter 1 review and summary’ book club by Feminist AI and WCCW.
Safety Report on Core Issues affecting Girls Safety In the Developing world presentation at Women Deliver
The unexplored dichotomy between connectivity and online safety at RightsCon and the Internet Governance Forum
The Global Crisis as a Catalyst for Change at the London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE Africa Sumit
Global Cyber Policy Dialogues: Southern Africa hosted by EastWest Institute and Research ICT
Young Women Leading Technology and Innovation roundtable hosted by UN Women and the Action Coalition for Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality‘Localizing Internet Governance’ ‘Digital Rights Monopoly – Game Launch’ ‘On this Side of the Web’ at Mozilla Festival + CSW + GEF Midpoint


Interledger Protocol Summit - Costa Rica
Mozilla Festival House - Kenya
Mozilla Festival - United Kingdom
B3 Bienale for the Moving Image - Germany
Forum for Internet Freedom Africa - Zambia